Noob Wars Episode II: Attack of the Autoers is the 5th installment in D_V4d3r86's Noob Wars franchise. It was released in year 202.


On a distant uncharted island in RuneScape, an army of autoers is created to assist the Gielinorian Republic against the Morytanian Sepratists. Also, Ranikan Skycruiser marries Penny Armidilla, whom he met in Episode I.


Ranikan Skycruiser - Anakinguy626
Penny Armildilla - Lisagirl628
Omi-Don Cenobi - Figher345
Zoda - made from brand-new CGI technology
Mace Mildew - Stewieofdoom
D-4DO - Bartdude627 A2-F4 - Some autoer that was shrunken by wizards and given a brain
Darth Midious/Melpatine - D_Sidious86

Public ReactionEdit

"Autoers have a purpose at last!" - Paul & Andrew Gower
"4 out of 5 Runes!" - RuneStone magazine
"Take that, asian sweatshops!" - Runeweek magazine
"D_V4d3r86 has done it again!" - Zezima
"Best film RuneScape has seen to date!" - Kakrida
"Ub3r 1337ness!" - Dannyscape
"1337 Ub4rness!" - Epacsynnad
"Even better than cabbages!" - SirAjacobs
You get the idea, it was popular; everyone liked it.

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