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Players should be warned that city is multi-combat and is not only player vs. player combat but also contains a number of aggressive zombies.


The Necropolis is a large city south-east of the Zombie Camp. It is far west of Meiyerditch and is north-west of the Giant Vampyre Woods. You must have completed the "The Zombie Camp" quest to enter.


When Morytania was known as Hallowland, the Necropolis was a thriving city that had a high economy and strong hierarchy. It was so successful that it even challenged Varrock. When Drakan arrived and conquered Hallowvale which he renamed Morytania, the Necropolis was one of the first locations he sent his Vyrewatch to attack. Being weaker at the time, the Vyrewatch were no match for the quick-thinking city. The citizens defended the city and the Vyrewatch gave up and fled back to Meiyerditch. From there, the incredibly angered Drakan took revenge and put a curse upon the city turning all the residents into zombies, much like what happened to Mort'ton. Some managed to escape and set up a camp outside the city.


Having lost all sense of law and order, the undead residents lash out at their opponents, and the strange curse from Drakan also allows player vs. player combat. The zombies range from level 28 to 50.
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Dragontooth Island
Zombie Camp Necropolis Poison Swamp
Poison Swamp