This article, Nazaratol, is the creative property of The evil dude.

Species Human
Level Unknown
Born? Unknown
Died? Year 168
Affiliation? Legion of Skaroth (formerly), Federation of Fear (formerly)
God? Unknown
Rank? Decoy Leader
Series None
Appearances RP: Battle of Asgarnia, Revenge of the Alone Ones

Nazaratol was a major player in the Battle of Asgarnia. He was duped by the Cult of Skaro to lead the Legion of Skaroth into battle. Nazaratol knows of the several alien prescences, and doesn't trust them all.

He died, after being crushed by a falling building in Falador. (RP: Battle of Asgarnia)

He later escaped the Eternal Void, and was invited to join the Federation of Fear. What happened to Nazaratol when it disbanded is unknown. (RP: Revenge of the Alone Ones)

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