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The Dracomancer Saga location
Mount Titania
Mt. Titania
Type A mountain
Owned by? Asgarnia/The Mayaki
AKA The Big Mountain
Inhabitants Mayaki, Dargenath
Notable visitors John Dixon, The Zantrozian Arbiters, Hydraxites, Karazahn
First Staff of Power
Last Staff of Power

Mt. Titania is a mountain in northern Gielinor, the remains of one of the Creators of the Universe, Titania. The mountain was formed in the early Fourth Age, when the Galaxy-Goddess collapsed in on herself and fused herself onto Gielinor's surface. The mountain's turbulent history have led to the mountain being repeatedly explored, mainly for the treasures that may lie within. The immense size of the mountain means that it holds a variety of species, most notably the Mayaki and Humans.

The mountain was the original holding place of the Staff of Power as well as a prison for it's true holder, Dargenath. Both were released from the mountain when both Dracomancers and Alien Forces climbed the mountain in 172 (5th).

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