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Misthalin Royal Navy
Also called? MRN
Members only? N/A
Size *Five battleships
  • Two frigates
  • Three landers
  • One cruiser
Location Misthalin, Port Hurel
Requirements Have lived in Misthalin for 10 years and being 25 years old.
Insignia The Misthalin cross.

The Misthalin Royal Navy is the most powerful navy in all of Gielinor. The navy was founded in the year 92 by Lord Hurruck (Her-ook).

Creation of the Navy Edit

In the year 91 there was a massive attack on the city of Varrock from pirates who entered through Port Hurel. King Roald feared for the people of Misthalin took Port Hurel into the kingdom. Roald appointed Lord Hurruck to construct a navy to protect Misthalin. Then, 4 months later in the second month of the year 92, the navy was complete. The navy was marvelous and the ships were beautiful!

A Quiet Time Edit

After the navy was formed there were no attacks on Misthalin. So, the navy was put into storage for when they needed it again. The navy stayed in storage until the year 100.

A Tremendous Battle Edit

In the year 100 a band of 500 pirates attacked Misthalin. King Roald decided to bring the navy out of storage. With the navy on the seas, a tremendous battle occurred. Cannons being shot, swords crashing into each other. After about 39 hours the pirates finally gave up.

Casualties Edit

MRN: Lost: 46

Pirates: Lost: 418

Sabotage Edit

Three months after the clash with pirates an angry citizen made his way into the navy's port and murdered all the crewmen. He then proceeded to burn down the ships and melt down all the armour, weaponry, jewellery, and money. After that, he wrote Zaros will rise once more on the walls. Soon, Varrockian guards arrested the man and executed him by letting him starve to death in the sewers of Varrock.

Aftermath of Sabotage Edit

It took Misthalin over 1 year to rebuild the navy and the port. But, to avoid another fiasco like before they added more security. They added crystal balls to record anything that happened in the port, the previous port didn't have them, they only found the man because he was drinking wine and laughing. The also got more guards. King Roald appointed 150 Varrockian Guards to protect the port in addition to the 500 Port Guards already there.

A Murder Edit

In the year 102 Lord Hurruck was murdered by a Zamorakian. Hurruck didn't allow Zamorakians to join the navy. For several months, it was unknown who murdered him, until Varrockian Guards found plans to kill everyone in the navy. They quickly found the man and placed him in jail.

The Murderer Edit

The murderer was 36 year old Zeos Lordion. He choked Hurruck, cut his arms off, and shoved his lifeless body into the closet. Zeos was charged with murder and was given life in prison without parole.

The Navy Today Edit

Today, the navy is in Port Hurel guarding Misthalin in case they're needed again. The navy will perform a show every year on the anniversary of the formation of the navy.