You search for Lieutenant Fimarrin. You've heard he's a pretty cool guy. Before you find him, you pull out your identification card, and write "FP YY BTLN", meaning "Fimmarin Platoon, Yanyan Battalion". You then stick it in your helmet.

You find him soon after. "Private <your name>, reporting for duty, sir." you salute to Fimarrin.

"What do you need Private?" he asks.

"Request permission to join your platoon, sir."

"Permission granted." Fimarrin salutes back. "We're just about to move out, better get in line."

You get in line with your platoon. You, and the rest of the battalion, start marching toward the First Ard Battalion's trench emplacements north of Eastern Ardougne.

Upon entering Ardougne, you notice that there's some damaged buildings. The battalion stops after reaching the Northern gate to the city. You're close to the back of the battalion, so you don't know why you've stopped. Everyone else suddenly start rushing forward. You do the same. Once you get to the gate, you can see that some hostile arrows came in from some Golathian-held locations. You jump into one of the six-and-a-half feet deep trenches. You put your side to the front of the trench, spear ready. You stand on your tippy-toes to see over the top of the trench. You can't see much. Some of the field 30 yards ahead of you are on fire. Smoke covers your view.

What now?

Dash to the front trench for a better view.

Search for Lieutenant Fimarrin to ask him things.

Wait in the trench.

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