You join Lieutenant Aoron's platoon. You already know him, so why not?

You walk over to that group of soldiers. "This Aoron's platoon?" you ask one person in the group.

They turn around and respond, "Yeah. If you're a new recruit, you'll need this." The man hands you a piece of hard paper with a distinctive "A.P., Yy. Btl." on it.

"Appy bittle?" You question.

"It stands for 'Aoron Platton, Yanyan Battalion'." He pauses. During this pause you take a look at his head with no helmet, and his rank insignia. He's a sergeant. He may end up being your squad leader. "I'm Sergeant Uide'flin." he finishes.

"Uide'flin? Aren't you a captain?" You ask, confusing his name with Uide'sak's.

"Oh, no," he laughs, "I sure do get this a lot. I'm Uide'flin, and he's Uide'sak."

You wait with the platoon for a few more minutes until Lieutenant Aoron comes. He briefs the platoon that you're marching to the area north of Eastern Ardougne to reinforce the First Ard Battalion, who have been holding out for a few days against the Golathian army who've taken Hemenster, Seer's Village and Catherby in the last month.

The capital city's in danger, and everyone will defend it to the last man.

You start marching with the rest of the battalion. While marching, you stick the piece of paper in the strap around your medium helmet.

You eventually enter East Ardougne. There's more damage that's been done than last time you were here. Just north of the city, there's a long few east-west trenches filled the last few survivors from previous attacks by the Golathians.

A few arrows come in from Golathian controlled Hemenster and Ranging Guild. The you and the rest of the battalion scrambles into the trenches that could be home to at least 600 mean, but only has 50 from the surviving First Ard Battalion.

What do you do now?

Interact with one of the men from the First Ard.

Search for Sergeant Uide'flin and ask him if there's anything important you need to know.

Wait in the trench.

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