You walk out of the large barracks tent of "Camp Yanyan", a bit north of Yanille. It's just about time for lunch, and other soldiers are lined up, waiting for grub. You walk over to Platoon Lieutenant Aoron, who happened to be over at a table, maybe six yards away. "Lieutenant," you start to ask, "when are we moving out?"

"In just a bit. The first Ard Battalion needs reinforcing just north of East Ardougne." he answers.

You go back to the barracks tent, and get your mithril chainmail, platelegs, spear, and medium helmet.

By the time you have it all on, it's been around ten minutes. Outside, the line is much shorter, most people have had their meal, and half the soldiers in the camp are at the Northern end of the camp with their armor on. You remember that since you just enlisted a day prior, you have yet to join a platoon.

What platoon do you join? (You need to remember this for future use in the text adventure, or you may end up in an incorrect storyline.)

Lieutenant Aoron's platoon.

Captain Uide'sak's platoon.

Lieutenant Fimarrin's platoon.

Lieutenant Groff's platoon.

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