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The Dracomancer Saga species
Appearance/Type Goblin
AKA Goblious Mayakus
Affiliation Bandos, Titania
Place of Origin Y'blisk
Patron God None
Notable Individuals The Cheiftan
First Staff of Power
Last Staff of Power

The Mayaki are a race that were expelled from up-top RuneScape during the God Wars, by Bandos. They wear Slave robes and a variety of different colored Tribal masks. They were uncovered by John Dixon's expedition up the mountain in RuneScape - Staff of Power.

History Edit

The Mayakus Tribe evolved separately from the other Goblins during the Third Age. They were particularly more intelligent and a lot more blood-thirsty. Seeing themselves greater than other Goblin Tribes, they began to fight against them. Bandos turned his attention towards the Mayaki, deciding that they would make better, more efficient soldiers. The Mayaki did not support the idea, and rejected Bandos for a Republican Society.

Angered by their rejection, Bandos wiped out half of the tribe with a sweep of his hand and then buried the rest of them under Mt. Titania, knowing of the Staff of Power and how the Mayaki's greed would lead them to it. Soon, the Mayaki had opened an expansive cave system underneath the mountain, focusing on it's mass amounts of hidden energy and the possession of The Staff. They were attacked by Dargenath, but they used The Core to trap him within the stone.

Soon, they had taken the Staff, attempting to use it to revitalize themselves. What actually happened was that the Staff instead drew energy from them, almost killing the entire tribe. Learning from their mistakes, the Staff was hidden in a cavern on the peak of the mountain and never interfered with again. All those who had been drained of their life because of the Staff were ceremonially buried.

The Mayaki lived in relative secrecy until 172(5th), when then they were discovered by an expedition by John Dixon to find The Staff. They were more than hospitable, and guided the team on it's mission/ They stopped when The Core was un-earthed and the Hydraxites and Karazahns resumed war on each other. They were almost wiped out in the climax, when the caves began to collapse. Their fate is currently unknown.

Biology Edit


Mayaki Hunters wear different masks.

If you were to see an unmasked Mayaki, you may have problems distinguishing it from a normal Goblin. In fact they are almost identical apart from spiked heads, a straighter stature, darker skin colour and more complex armour. They also have one ordinary hand, one clawed. The Mayaki armour is placed under a robe to trick the enemy into attacking.

The reason for the mask and slave robes are a mix of ceremony and tradition. They represent how the Mayaki were slaves to Bandos, and how they are hidden from the out-side world. The masks are also used to show rank (see below).

Culture Edit

Mayaki culture and belief is based on the values of honor, destiny and duty. They each belong to one of three groups with different aims, and their lives are dedicated to achieving their aims.

Creator Edit


Mayaki Creators have an important role.

Possibly the most important role, a Creator's aims are to:

  • Ensure the survival of the Mayaki Race.
  • Organize the Workers and Hunters.
  • Keep Order among the species.

Creators wear beige masks, wooden shields and ceremonial staves. They sometimes run for President, ultimate leader of the Mayaki.

Hunter Edit


Mayaki Hunters feed the Workers.

Hunters aid the Creators. Their aims are:

  • To feed the Mayaki population.
  • To keep the local wildlife in check.
  • To control the amounts of farming within the Mayaki Society.

Hunters wear orange mask, wield Bronze kiteshields and Cross-bows. They are often the most vicious fighters, sometimes developing a lust for blood.

Worker Edit


Mayaki Workers are the most common.

Workers are the most common type of Mayaki. They mine, chop, burn, cook, craft and build to aid themselves and other Mayaki. They:

  • To aid the lifestyle of the Mayaki population.
  • To work to the best of their potential.
  • To defend the Mayaki Life-style.

Workers wear green masks and usually wield whichever tool they're using.

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