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Rare species
Appearance/Type Slight-humanoid
AKA Maii
Affiliation Independant
Place of Origin Dwarven Tunnels
Patron God None
Notable Individuals Maaaiiiihn, Maaaiiiihn's brother
First N/A

The Maiihn (pronounced my-een[2]) are one of the stranger species in RuneScape. They always are hiding some sort of item behind them, and scream "MAIIHN!" to anyone who approaches. Because of their screams, they've been named the "Maiihn".

Characteristics Edit

A Maiihn can be easily identified. Maiihn usually have the following:

  • Two arms with no fingers,
  • Two fat legs with no toes,
  • Two beady black eyes,
  • Two rows, one upper and one lower, of sharp white teeth,
  • A brown fuzzy exterior, and
  • A red mouth.

Maiihn are usually four to four and-a-half feet tall, and only live to be around 28 years old at the oldest. Since this was scientifically estimated, a "Maii[3] year"[4] is equivelant to three "Human years"

They like dark and damp caves, like that of the Dwarven Tunnels.

Personality Edit

Towards humans and other species, Maiihn are very scared and protective of their possessions at the sight of a stranger. They usually get themselves backed into a corner, and screen "MAIIHN!", as said above. It is unknown how they act towards one another, because whenever a Maiihn watcher[5] gets within watching range, the Maiihn get defensive and run away.

Known Maiihns Edit

Only two Maiihn have been found, as of the year 169. In the future, odds are that more will be found, assuming that the two found aren't the last of their kind.

Maaaiiiihn Edit


The first picture ever taken[6] of Maaaiiiihn.

Maaaiiiihn was the first found Maiihn. He particularly lets out loud and long screams, so he was nicknamed "Maaaiiiihn" (pronounced myy-eeeen[7]). He is estimated to have been born in 156, being 13 years old now.

He hasn't ever been measured, but is presumed to be around four feet, four inches tall.

He was first discovered in 166.

Maaaiiiihn's brother Edit


The first picture ever taken[8] of Maaaiiiihn's brother, as seen in in 168.

Maaaiiiihn supposedly has a brother. This other Maiihn, the second ever to be found, has a darker fur color than his younger brother. The darker Maiihn lets out a shorter and more quiet scream than Maaaiiiihn. He is estimated to have been born in 152, being 16 years old at the time of discovery in 168 by a tourist from Misthalin.

He has only ever been seen once. Because of this, only one eye-witness account is available, meaning his height can't be accurately hypothesized without him being seen again. From the one account available, he is guessed to be about four feet, two inches tall.

Behind the Scenes Edit

This article was made to be entered in the "Gielinor's Beastiary" competition. It won a few awards in the competition..

References and notes Edit

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