Lumbridge ExplorerEdit

The Lumbridge Explorer is the flagship of the Lumbridge Royal Navy. It was the most recognizable ships in the world.

Lumbridge Explorer Crew
Name Biography Salary (per year)
Captain Belos, Robert He was a charismatic man, who had been sailing since the age of 10, and was a general in the Edgeville Navy. He had decided to join the LRN to fight for his home town, Lumbridge. As soon as Duke Horacio saw him, he knew that Belos would be the best candidate for Captain. 830,000 coins
Navigator Faize, Kane He is a cartographer and was well-known for being the first person to map the entire RuneScape world. After mapping the entire world, he became bored, and joined the Navy for some adventure. He had been in and out of several Navy forces over the years, and had the unfortunate reputations of being disloyal and untrustworthy. 600,000 coins
Gunner Wilson, Mary She is the only female of the ship. She was the gunner for the Yanille Navy, and was delighted to join LRN for the new adventure. "Yanille is so boring," she said to Duke Horacio, "I'd rather join the Lumbridge Navy". 605,000 coins
Deck Hand Lewis, James He is a moody teenager, and the only crew member who had no experience whatsoever. He is nondescript, quiet, and his past was nearly as mysterious as he is. He was only hired because Faize argued that every crew needs a deck hand. 10,000 coins

Lady LumbridgeEdit

The Lady Lumbridge is so named because the crew is comprised of only females.

Lady Lumbridge Crew
Captain Navigator Gunner Deck Hand
Grady, Kara Cooke, Jamie[1] Agoro, Judy Beiley, Celestia

Lumbridge StarEdit

The Lumbridge Star was named after a shooting star that Father Aereck, the priest, saw. It supposedly landed behind the castle. Exactly one year later, another star fell, and there were several Yew tree saplings. This was at a time where Yew trees were very rare and expensive. Now, the first shooting star in Wintumber is called the Lumbridge star.

Lumbridge Star Crew
Captain Navigator Gunner Deck Hand
Bonn, Annie[2] Orem, Jose Sherron, Daniel Spiro, Jonathan

Horacio SuperiorEdit

The Horacio Superior is, obviously, named after Duke Horacio.

Lumbridge Star Crew
Captain Navigator Gunner Deck Hand
Cully, Terry Raydo, Lucas Bast, Edward[3] Devinn, Ivan

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