You agree. The Bandit Leader turns to face you, and smiles. He tells you that they will soon reach their camp, and there you can restock on any supplies you might need, and get some weapons.

After a few minutes you arrive a large camp, made up of a number of buildings made from a mix of rock and wood. A small stream trickles through the camp, meandering around buildings and past roaring fires. The moonlight and the firelight mingle, making the buildings glow from all sides. A huge perimeter fence surrounds the camp, marked with towers every few metres or so. Chickens run freely across the ground, and around you you can hear cattle mooing in the night. Vegetable gardens sparkle silver in the moonlight.

Up ahead, some bandits come out from their buildings. Men, women and children all look at the Leader and you as you walk past. They start following you, and eventually your swelling party arrives in a large hall.

The Bandit Leader explains who you are and why you are here. Then he says that they are going to launch a night attack to help the ongoing battle far off. Men and the oldest boys run off and return wearing armour and clutching nasty-looking weapons. The Leader whispers to you that he will gather the troops, and in the meantime you can wander around the camp.

Leave and roam the camp


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