You quickly dip your hands into the bag and pull out handfuls of silver crosses, lunging at the Bandit leader to accept them. For a moment, he stands still - then, slowly he orders his men to lower their weapons and nods to you. You take the bag with you, and follow their leader as he orders the column through the woods.

After a while, you try talking to him, and discover that his people have allied with several other Bandit clans to fight a Wilderness Roamer clan that has entered their territory. When he asks you why you are here, you reply that you are on a quest to find the fabled Hall of the Lords of Combat. Shocked, he stops the column. Then he says to you that he knows the location of a map that you could use, but it is difficult to get to. Even then, he would not just openly tell you it's location. Instead, he says he will give you the location of the map - if you help him at the battle that has is occurring between his people and the Wilderness Roamers.

Accept his offer

Reject his offer

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