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Lord Shadowcore (Sometimes referred to by players as 'Zaros Boss' or 'Shad') is the boss monster of the Zaros section of the God Wars Dungeon and was released with the God Wars Dungeon expansion update. He is currently the most powerful God Wars boss.

Shadowcore is the only monster to drop the Zaros hilt, which when combined with the Godsword blade, yields the mighty Zaros godsword. He uses both Magic and Melee, and has a Magical melee based Special attack in which he strikes a shadowy fist at the player in the form of an uppercut, dealing a large amount of damage. It is recommended to bring plenty of food, as his special attack can deal lots of damage very quickly. However, his Life points are rather low for his combat level.

You need a Magic level of 70 or above to walk trough the shadow portal and enter the Zaros section.


  • Lord Shadowcore has the same effect in his eyes as if he were using the Zaros godsword's Special Attack.
  • He is weak to Silverlight and Darklight, so it is speculated he may be a demon of some sort.