This article, Level 4.5 Treasure Trails, is the creative property of Emosworld.

Level 4.5 Treasure Trails is a Treasure Trail which features really rare gold-trimmed stuff. The chances of a monster dropping a Level 4.5 Clue Scroll are very slim, so players are considered lucky if one is picked up.

Rewards (current)

  1. Red d'hide body (g)
  2. Red d'hide body (t)
  3. Anti-dragon shield (g)
  4. Gilded scimitar
  5. Gilded sword
  6. Gilded pickaxe
  7. Gilded warhammer
  8. Heaven's whip
  9. Toktz-ket-xil (g)
  10. Obsidian cape (g)
  11. Ancient mage robes

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