This article, Level 0 Treasure Trails, is the creative property of Emosworld.

Level 0 Treasure Trails is a new update by JaGeX. It consists of only gold-trimmed Bronze to Iron armour, two pickaxes and a hatchet.

Rewards (current)Edit

  1. Bronze helm (g)
  2. Iron helm (g)
  3. Bronze platebody (g)
  4. Iron platebody (g)
  5. Bronze plateskirt (g)
  6. Iron plateskirt (g)
  7. Bronze sq shield (g)
  8. Iron sq shield (g)
  9. White pickaxe
  10. Black pickaxe
  11. White hatchet
  12. Nothing

Level 0 Treasure Trails
Bronze helm (g) | Iron helm (g) | Bronze platebody (g) | Iron platebody (g) | Bronze plateskirt (g) | Iron plateskirt (g) | Bronze sq shield (g) | Iron sq shield (g) | White pickaxe | Black pickaxe | White hatchet | Nothing

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