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Start point Quest map icon Unknown edit
Member requirement P2P icon
Official difficulty Grandmaster Grandmaster
Description None
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Enemies to defeat
  • Xyu (level 480)
  • Lord Lucien (level 465)
  • Tormented Elemental (level 520)
  • Confused Warrior (level 110)
  • Confused Temple Knight (level 120)

The Legends' Quest Part II Boss Fight:

There are five waves to the boss fight.

  • Wave 1: Two Confused Warriors
  • Wave 2: Confused Warrior + Confused Temple Knight
  • Wave 3: Tormented Elemental + level 40 Tormented Elemental Soul
  • Wave 4: Lord Lucien + Confused Warrior + Confused Temple Knight
  • Wave 5: Xyu


  • Access to Xavia's Room
  • Access to Legends' Guild Portal