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This page was created by Berus as an organization hub for the Legend of Haru story. This page and the story are currently being edited.

This story, Legend of Haru, is a story written in three parts by Haru Axeman. It is heavily influenced by anime and features many comedic elements including repeatedly breaking the fourth wall. It was discontinued during the writing of the third part.

Number Description
Part 1 Chapters 1 through 19.
Part 2 Chapters 20 through 39.
Part 3 Chapters 37 through 44. It is discontinued at this point.


  • Haru Axeman (Prologue) - Main Character
  • Reldo the Librarian (Prologue)
  • Benjamin997 (Prologue) - Friend
  • Atticus Axeman (Chapter 1) - Citizen of Avarrocka. Lived in the Third Age (Chapter 2). Haru's 250 times Grandfather (Chapter 3)
  • Zilyana (Chapter 1) - Atticus's Sister and Friend
  • Bolzak (Chapter 1) - Atticus's Brother, Not a nice guy
  • Lord Walbert (Chapter 1) - Only Mentioned as a person in authority by Atticus
  • Lord Blaxwick (Chapter 1) - A gigantic old man, Saradominist, guardian of the Lost North Kingdom of Eisenmeteor
  • Saradomin (Chapter 2) - Ally of Atticus
  • Svinborg the Valorous (Chapter 3) - Hero of the "War God," wielded the "God Hammer" before being killed by Bolzak
  • Slagwood (Chapter 3) - A goblin serving Saradomin.
  • Chef Blitzcraig (Chapter 4) - A Chef in an odd scene, very dangerous.
  • Two Demon Children (Chapter 7) - Two half-demon children who are running from danger.
  • Smith and his Wife (Chapter 7) - Nice smiths who take in the two demon children.
  • Taiki Samazanba (Chapter 8) - Haru Axeman's player, pulled into Haru by Saradomin.
  • Kawaru (Chapter 9) - A "magic pure," Haru's brother, level 30. Went to Varrockian Magical Institute (Chapter 14) - Just an excuse to write out of the story.
  • Duke Horacio (Chapter 9) - Questing
  • Sedridor (Chapter 9) - Questing
  • Aubrey (Chapter 9) - Questing
  • Grizelda (Chapter 10) - Evil Witch. Captured Haru and Kawaru and tries to fuse them with demons. Forced out of Sakura's body in Chapter 13.
  • Taiki D. Inoue (Chapter 12) - Plays RuneScape owns the Haru Axeman account.
  • Tairin (Chapter 12) - Taiki's sister
  • Tengu (Chapter 12 - Taiki's adopted Chinese brother
  • Acidwire (Chapter 12) - Taiki's RuneScape friend.
  • Kyushi (Chapter 13) - A Kirin, having been mistaken as a demon, summoned by Grizelda to take over Haru, but turned out to be Saradominist.
  • Sakura Blackwood (Chapter 13) - Possessed by Grizelda, saved by Haru. Ranged specialist.
  • Theophilus (Chapter 14) - Sakura's father.


  • Jindo (Chapter 1) - A city in the time of Atticus
  • Lost North Kingdom of Eisenmeteor (Chapter 1) - A Saradominist City


  • Prologue - Lead up to Atticus Arc
  • Chapters 1 through 5 - "Atticus Arc"
  • Chapter 6 - Aside
  • Chapter 7 - Unknown Backstory
  • Chapter 8 to 10 - Haru Axeman in game and Taiki out of game.

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