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Byolni Adsrongi
Species Human
Level Unknown
Born? 171
Died? 210
Affiliation? Kingdom of Misthalin and Kingdom of Golathia
God? Unknown
Rank? King
Series None
Appearances Wilderness Wars Saga and Golathian Saga

King Byolni Adsrongi, son of King Howart Adsrongi, grandson of King Roald, was the King of Misthalin from 196 to 210, when he was assassinated.

Childhood Edit

Byolni Adsrongi grew up in Varrock Palace, son to the king. He loved to listen to The Coal Rocks' music, and always begged his father, King Howart Adsrongi, to pay them to eventually have a private performance in Varrock Pallace.

Throne Edit

When King Howart Adsrongi retired in 196 at the age of 56 (born in 140), Byolni, now 25, took the throne.

Wilderness Wars Edit

During the Invasion of Varrock, Byolni was out of town on a stroll through Lumbridge forest. When he returned later that evening and learned about the attack that happened while he was not there to defend the city, he was frustrated. Because of this, he returned the favor, and attack the Alliance of Similar Wildernessans throughout the Wilderness Wars.

Kingdom of Golathia Edit

After the end of the Wilderness Wars, the Kingdom of Golathia was formed, and had Byolni in control of an even bigger kingdom. He led the Golathians with peace during his short reign, when he was assassinated by an unknown, most likely professional, assassin.

Preceded by:
King Howart Adsrongi
King of Misthalin and King of Kingdom of Golathia
Succeeded by:
King Kael Adsrongi

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