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The Dracomancer Saga/The Immortals Storyline character
John Wulfric Hobnob Butter (Not Margarine) Gherkin Brian Martin Dixon.
Birth 1877(3rd)
Death 180(5th)
Profession Group Sergeant (upon death)
Affiliation Dracomancers
First Peacekeepers
Last Ongoing

John Dixon was a Time Lord outcast who traveled to Gielinor. While there he embroiled himself with the Dracomancers and made friends with The Assassin.

Biography Edit

John Wulfric Hobnob Butter (Not Margarine) Gherkin Brian Martin Dixon was born to Anne and George Dixon. He was born in 1877 of the 3rd age, on the planet Gallifrey. He had a peaceful life until the Time-War started when he was 16. He was smuggled off the planet, and was taken onto an asteroid space-station known as Rexel 5. This was a rough place, with criminals and ex-conmen on the run. This is where he lost his first few regenerations (lives), and generally buffed up. This was to start the roller-coaster ride that would be the rest of his life.

In 34 of the 4th age, John joined a police force known as the ILES (Intergalactic Law Enforcing Squad). John lost 3 lives during his job, due to a gang of thieves from Rexel 5. He was later sent to orbit Gielinor. They were attacked by the Legion of Skaroth, and the ship lost power and fell towards the planet. On the way, they noticed the Zantrozian Arbiters were also in the airspace. They landed on the Over-ground pass, and John yet again regenerated.

John wandered around Gielinor, at one time living in a cave with a bear, at another being a servant in Ardougne. He took up a job with the Celestial Intervention Agency and spent at least a hundred years doing jobs for them before getting fed up with them and returning to normal life. It was during this time that John met and befriended the Assassin. He found a stone on Mt. Trollheim that had energies left over from the Time-War infused within it. He picked it up, and was teleported to Port Khazard in 167 of the 5th age. The port was currently being quarantined off by the Dracomancers. They imprisoned him until he decided to join up with them. His first few years of training would be hard. His last few would be even worse.

John was moved to the Ardougne Division of the Army. He was treated badly by his superiors, and was mainly used as a scout. He was maneuvered with the rest of the division to siege Yanille, and then he fought in the Battle of Misthalin. When his Generals were killed, John led his troops in battle. He tried to make an alliance with the invading Scorpozi, which failed. He then took the survivors and teleported back to the base. He fought there as well, and served as a lieutenant under Draco himself.

In another timeline, John was killed by a Scorpozi at this event.

John began to rebuild parts of the base along with most other newly qualified trainees. It was here he met and made friends with Jenifer Smith and Chris Grantly, who he would later adventure with. Jenifer, while using magic on the central column (the base's power source), she accidentally froze Falador in time. They were told to go to Gypsy Aris, who had been known to know about time. She said that the only object she knew powerful enough to fix it was the Staff of Power, which was at the top of Mt. Titania. They trekked up the mountain, and found the old wielders of the staff, the Mayaki goblins. Using their help, they fought off other factions wanting the staff, and then fought off the Hydraxites and Karazahn. They were then teleported to Falador, the town unfrozen, due to the staff being taken by the Peacekeepers.

John fought more dangerous missions after his trek, and went up in the ranks of the Order. He was sent on the most dangerous of assignments, such as collecting rare artifacts and taming the mightiest of dragons. But John wasn't satisfied. Instead of doing things for the good of Draco, he wanted to do things for Gielinor. His Time-Lord instincts made him care greatly for his new home and its people. But not for the Dracomancers. So, at around the same time as RuneScape - Regicide, he "disappeared", to wander the world, helping people. He met up again with The Assassin, and learned where he was hiding. He then rejoined the Dracomancers, and was welcomed back in awe, being reinstated (by request) as a group Sergeant, taking the place that Sergeant Malfoy, his leader in Peacekeepers, once held.

In 180, the last year of his life, John was sent on an assignment to the Arkwrite peninsula. There, he found the Prototype, who told him that the world was in danger. Also , while there, he met, by strange coincidence, the reincarnated body of Sergeant Malfoy. He, worried by Prototype's mumblings, went to The Assassin's base under Varrock Palace. They were then told by Malfoy that the Book of Shadows could help them. They then went to the old Ardougne base, and on the way they were taken onto the Draconic Plane by Draco, who said he would be watching over them. They then went on a wild-goose chase, following clue after clue, until they were told to do an impossible task: to kill Death.

Malfoy, an expert on these things, said that they could do it with the Staff of Power. They went and retrieved the staff from the Peacekeepers, and they set off to find Death himself. They were ambushed by the Hydraxites, and the group (minus John) were imprisoned. John sneaked into the ship and used the staff to free his friends from the prison. A Hydraxide then came in and, in a blurry scene, shot him.

His friends, who did not know of his regenerative capabilities, mourned his "death". He then regenerated, but kept his old face. He , using the staff and his excess energy, banished Death to an inescapable prison in the Void. He then, at the same time, took the Book. As he was opening it, he was surrounded by the escapee souls. Angeror then appeared before him and told him what had happened. When he banished the old Death, he became Death himself.

He then, in a mournful tone, used all of his regenerations, the staff's power, and the Book's power to reverse time to before the void was opened, sealing all souls back in and closing it to them. This killed Malfoy and Prototype as well. The Assassin then cursed Angeror to a mental form, with basis on the Universal Laws. The Assassin then walked off into the world.

In an alternate world, John Dixon some-how survived this event.

John retained the title of Death even after his own. Angeror released the old Death and gave him powers to disguise the fact he was no longer so. After leading the Federation of Fear, John's spirit appeared and taunted death over a promise he broke. At the beginning of the Time-War, Death promised John his family would not be harmed. By breaking this promise, He was no longer fit to be Death. John told him about his loss and promised his powers back if he took care of The Assassin. This was his last act. He then evaporated onto the Draconic Plane.

Character Development Edit

This section is written from an outer-universe view

John was originally created as a character for Peacekeepers. He was, at first, a trainee Dracomancer from Yanille who was on the side of peace, different to the author's other characters, who were on the evil side. At first, the story centered on those other characters, but it was decided that they would be killed off. The author then developed the character from a shy, weak person to a strong, brave one.

In Staff of Power, John became a full Dracomancer, and his history was drastically developed. He became a time-lord, and he was given an age: 789.

Souls of the Damned involved, at the end, John committing suicide. This was put in so that The Assassin would have a real reason to hate Angeror, and because it provided a convenient Deus ex Machina.

The author added John in Revenge of the Alone Ones to tie up loose ends and to transfer Death into his story.

Personality Edit

John had a softer up-bringing than his friends, giving him a loving and caring nature. He is protective of his home(s) and its people. He is keen to "get along" with the people he works and travels with.

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The species name of "Time-lord" and all of its aspects are copyrighted to the BBC.

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