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Species Human
Clan member? Axe Riders
Actual location Outside Lumbridge
Homeland Spain
Status Normal
Appears in "Jigo" series
Notable features Main character

Jairo Gomez, better known as Jigo, is a character on the series that has his name. He is a teenager who has great axe skills and a huge domination of ice- and light-based spells.

Appearance and outfit Edit

Jigo is tall, blond and short haired, he always wears blue clothes above dragon chain mail, he uses leather gloves and common shoes, he has an oak bow but he rarely uses it, he uses an anti-dragon shield and the Light Axe, an special weapon crafted by Paladins and repaired by Guthix himself, he wears a Woodcutting skillcape.

Pets Edit

He only has three pets, his dog Peterickton, his horse Vigilante, and a dragon nicknamed "Chinese Dragon".

The dog is manly his companion, thought he is always speaking too much, he some times help Jigo, and has many friends from the woods who aid in combat.

The horse is the only one that doesn't speaks, it has guided Jigo through many places and has won many riding contests, it's a black horse and is very obedient.

The dragon is maybe the most useful of the three, as he is Jigo's mount when fighting as an Axe Rider and when playing "Rankbow".

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