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On the last chapter:
Jigo received the axe of his deceased father.

Goblin invasion.

Two students wandered through the fields outside Lumbridge, talking and looking at everything, as they walked they saw a Goblin, the green thing turned to look at them, they spited at it, the goblin ran back to the goblin house, they thought it was scared, but it came back with an army, they attacked the boys, the boys ran back to Lumbridge, the goblins followed, the untrained archers of the castle missed every shot, the goblins entered through the open gate.

Jigo, Lance and Treo heard the noise, and went out of the school to investgate.

"We must do something, let's slay them!" Said Lance.

The boys took a single goblin each one, and killed them, it was nice for Jigo to develop his skill with the axe,the goblins were running in circles, scared, and some other students entered in the fight to help defeat the green threat.

The goblins finally surrendered and ran, the boys were prized with some money for their valor and heroism.

The boys bought a house in a farm near Lumbridge, Jigo paid more than the others, so he was the "owner", the house was a little abandoned, they fixed it with lots of effort, it looked more habitable than before.

The house was sold with a dog, a puppy that his owner hated, as the salesman face expression demonstrated, the dog was well received by the boys, who wondered how to call the puppy.

"What about Mark, it's a good name." Said Treo.

"Mark isn't the name for a dog, let's call him Waldo." Jigo said.

"Really, my name is Peter Rickerdhalle Tonimard" Said the dog, surprisingly (Or not so surprisingly for other RuneScapians), talking.

"Meh, You'll be Peterickton for short" Exclaimed Treo.

"You are not very intelligent, are you?" Asked the dog, then continued "Okay, call me like that, it's clearly easier."

The boys set up their beds and put Treo's TV on a desk, put a little cushion and a bowl with water for the dog, and then went to sleep.

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