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On the last chapter:

Lance fights a man who tried to rob and kill them, Jigo later wounds the man and leaves him on the floor, they arrive at Lumbridge.

The Iron Axe

The kids are greeted by Duke Horacio, they are registered in the computer and enter the school, it was really big, they entered their rooms and put themselves comfortable, that was their new home, they turned on the TV and saw an horrible war scene in the news, Tanks being destroyed by fireballs, arrow rains all over the cities, jets being struck by controlled lightning, and people crying and running.

They saw someone that called their attention, a robed and hooded man, with a mask and wieding a very big sword, giving orders to everyone, smashing things with his sword.

"That's gotta be the leader" Exclaimed Treo.

In fact, it was the Ukurian King, the man that came with the total domination idea, the man they hated from that day on.

"Today was alright..." Said Lance.

"You say that just because you got less targets than me" Joked Jigo.

It had passed 5 years since they arrived at RuneScape, they were now better at everything, though Lance still didn't wanted to learn how to ride in a horse, they arrived at their room and Jigo found a box in his bed.

He opened it, it contained a videotape and an axe, a brilliant iron battleaxe.

"Wow! an axe, thanks whoever gave it to me!" Said Jigo with admiration, he then proceeded to put the video.

In the video appeared Jigo's mom, very sad, she said "hello" to her son, and then explained why she sent the video: "your father passed to better life" she said.

After that, the video changed, it showed their house, they were hiding, a man was heard saying that he found people in the house, after that the door fell, the masked man entered, Jigo's dad opened a vault, and brought out a rune kiteshield and the same axe Jigo received, his dad rushed to defend the house, the fight was long, the masked man was losing, he had been injured in his leg, Jigo's father (Called Roberto) defended very well, the fight then turned over, the masked man kicked the shield and then the axe, the weapons flied back, the video stopped in that moment.

Jigo's mom appeared in that moment, she was okay, she survived the war, she hoped the boy understood everything, the shield broke, but the axe didn't, now it was his weapon, just as his father would like it to be.

Jigo cried a long hour, the brothers tried to animate him, he then recovered, he just hoped his father would be recognized as the hero he was, he looked at the sky from the window, the sun was going down, the moon was rising, he just looked the sky until he felt asleep.

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