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On the last chapter:
Jigo, Lance and Treo arrive at RuneScape after their homeland was attacked by the Ukurians.


They mounted in horses, Jigo was really happy as he loved horses and enjoyed being with them, Lance was totally different, he feared mounting on horses, and he didn't know how to ride.

The first thing they saw was the swamps, they were aparted from them and a road has been built, trees grew at sides of the road, it wasn't the nicest view but was better than how it had been in the past.

The boys followed the path to the city, but they saw some bushes moving, they didn't pay attention and kept going, they eventually reached the bush they saw, they were distracted and when they passed next to it a man jumped out from the bush and attacked with an old scimitar.

The boys limited to scream while the man pushed them from their mounts and said "The bag or the life, kids!".

The robber hold his scimitar near them, and raised it to slash them, Jigo closed his eyes, then he heard a clang, he opened his eyes, Lance was defending them with his sword, it blocked the robber's blow and pushed him.

The robber then tried to stab Lance and missed, attacked with another slash and Lance blocked it again, they fought little time before the robber attempted to slash and cut Lance in two, Lance blocked and pushed the scimitar and it flew off the robber's hand, however, the robber managed to punch Lance in the face and knock him, he then was trying to return for his scimitar when Jigo drew his bronze sword (the one he was given at the entrance) and stabbed the robber in the back, he fell down and they escaped before knowing what happened to him, Lance recovered himself shortly after Jigo stabbed the robber, they followed the path faster than before until they arrived at Lumbridge, they passed the gate and felt more secure than before, they only hoped that was the last of their enemies.

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