This article, Hoplite set, is the creative property of Thek213.

This armourset is based on the Spartan Hoplite armour from the movie 300.

Hoplite Set

The set

The Hoplite armourset consists of 10 pieces (seven pieces of armour, 2 primary weapons, 1 secondary weapon):

  • Hoplite helm (helmet)Hoplite Helm
  • Hoplite straps (body armour)Hoplite Strap
  • Hoplite tassets (leg armour)Hoplite Tasset
  • Hoplite boots (foot armour)Hoplite Boots
  • Hoplite arm protectors (vambraces/hand armour)Hoplite Arm Protectors
  • Hoplite shield (shield)Hoplite Shield
  • Hoplite cloak (cape)Hoplite Cloak
  • Hoplite one-handed spear (primary weapon)Hoplite One-Handed Spear
  • Hoplite throwing spear (primary weapon)Hoplite Throwing Spear
  • Hoplite xiphos (secondary weapon)Hoplite Xiphos

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