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Planet of the Lost character
Race Unknown
Birth 10 Billion BC
Affiliation Brothers of the Shadow Triads
First "Revenge of the Alone Ones"
Last Ongoing

Give up Assassin, nothing can stop us. Your stupid little creeds won't help!
— Halvinor, Revenge of the Alone Ones

Halvinor was the leading brother of the Shadow Triads. He had the ability to shape-shift, but preferes the form of a Neoselachian.

History Edit

Halvinor lead the brothers into criminal activities (minus Dirindo, who is secretly good), as he immediately became a strong ally to Angeror. He manipulated Angeror into becoming evil, and had a brawl with Jupitus. Angeror saved him, sending Jupitus into a vacuum. Halvinor then plotted with Angeror to take over the Jagex Nebula. When Angeror duelled Glator, Halvinor saved his life, by pushing Glator off the edge. Angeror then became the controller of the nebula, with Halvinor by his side. He was given the second moon of Gielinor, which remains today unnamed. (Before the Storm: The Creator's Curse)

At some point in the far past, Halvinor converted the whole moon ino a massive fortress, and intended to keep it all to himself, and constructed a massive deflector shield around the moon. A factory had been installed, and millions of robotic sentries and commandos were created, and they served Halvinor. After rumours leaked out that he was building superweapons, an Immortal ambassador party wished to investigate. They managed to bypass the shield, annoying Halvinor and he ordered them dead. A massive turret opened fire on the cruiser, and they barely escaped alive. The aftermath of the attack was devastating to the Immortals, after they learned their neighbour was hostile. They decided to class him as a very dangerous threat, and barred access to the moon to any Immortal.

When the Kuruzza'Varazza threatened the Runiverse, Halvinor helped Angeror to spread word of the universal alliance. They also travelled to the mothership (when the Kuruzza'Varazza invaded the Jagex Nebula), where Halvinor killed the emperor, and Angeror brought down the whole mothership, where it crashed into Gielinor's Wilderness. (Before the Storm: United We Stand)

He helped create the Staff of Pain, but when Angeror died, Halvinor disappeared, wondering what to do next. (RP: Revenge of the Alone Ones)

He then located he Conscious, and realized it was still a bit weak. He ordered Scorpio to guard the growing Conscious, but they were thrown in Torchwood's cells, although Halvinor doesn't know this. (RP: Voyage to the Edge of the World)

Appearances Edit