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Guthix's altar

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Guthix altar
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Kingdom Misthalin
Members area Yes
Main music Guthix's Sorrow
Levels 1
Strongest monster Guthix dragon
Dwarf multicannon Unknown Edit
Quests Guthix's Altar
Inhabitants/Race Dragons, Guthixians
Guthix altar
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Guthix's altar is a cavern discovered by Guthix during the First Age. It's located at the bottom of the Tears of Guthix cavern, below even the Ancient Guthix Temple. The whole dungeon functions as an altar, meaning that while in the dungeon a player's prayer points are regenerated at an equal rate to a prayer renewal potion, reducing the cost for prayer potions when killing monsters in the dungeon. Another altar is located by the Guthix dragon (an altar within an altar), which will recover prayer points by 400 points above the player's prayer level (this boost is only temporary and goes away after the extra points are used). However, this altar can only be used after the player has killed the Guthix dragon at least once.

The dungeon contains several strong monsters, including the powerful Guthix dragon and two Tormented dragons. Players must be well prepared before challenging any of these monsters, as these monsters will easily kill an unprepared player without trouble. When a player enters the dungeon they will be in the middle of the dungeon, where they can take three paths (two paths leading to a tormented dragon and the third leading to the Guthix dragon). At the end of each path there is a portal which allows the player to get to the opposite side, but these portals require certain levels to use. The portal at the end of the right path requires level 90 Attack to use and the portal on the left path requires level 90 Defense to use. The portal in the middle path requires 99 Attack, Defence and Strength to use.


First AgeEdit

During the First Age, Guthix had come across the cavern and decided to make it a home for his followers and dragon.


Name Level Attack style Max hit
Guthixian mage Guthixian mage 150 Magic 540
Guthixian warrior Guthixian warrior 150 Melee 430
Guthixian ranger Guthixian ranger 150 Range 590
Guthix dragon Guthix dragon 5000 Melee:
Tormented dragon Tormented dragon 180 Melee:

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