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The grazerbeast is like a large cow. It is quite powerful, but is a poor fighter. When killed, it provides three pieces of meat and big bones. The meat requires a high cooking level to cook, but heals a lot on it's own and even more as a pie or a pizza. The grazerbeasts are pack animals, and as such take up a lot of space. They are indigenous to the far Eastern Island Grasshaven, where they wonder around freely, with little fear of predators.

The Grazerbeasts are much larger than a cow (roughly twice the size), and dwarf a man. They have a very large head, and are covered with thick, brown, shaggy hair. The males have curling horns that extend from above their eyes, then re-enter the head next to the nostrils. Thus, they are formidable in head-to-head combat, which is why the males are often taken by the locals of Grasshaven, toughened, and used as mounts.

They are also very fast, but only run if they are provoked. Otherwise the females are docile, and the males generally calm.

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