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God v Godless
Start date 20XX (Update unknown) edit
End date Ongoing (Update unknown) edit
Location Unknown edit
Gods Unknown edit
Outcome Player-Determined;
  • If Zarosian is victorious;
    • Sword of Edicts de-powered and destroyed
    • Wilderness Volcano erupts ashfall confined to Misthalin, the Wilderness, and portion of Asgarnia
    • Zaros teleports the Godless, and his people to safety
    • Zaros mildly wounded
  • If the Godless are victorious;
    • Godless shrink the sword and take control of it.
    • Wilderness volcano erupts, and ashfall isn't confined
    • Zaros is heavily wounded unable to teleport the Godless and his people to safety
    • Kara-Meir and most of the Godless and Zarosians are killed
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The God v Godless is a world event involving Zaros facing the Godless (under the leadership of Kara-Meir) fighting over the Sword of Edicts, which Zaros fears that it can end up in the hands of the wrong people, and that destroying it would be for the greater good of Gielinor and its inhabitants. Zaros attempted blast the sword, but it repelled his attack and opened portals to alternate version of Gielinor. The event will end with an the volcano erupting, but how it erupts is decided depending on whose victorious.

Each week the portal will be different.

Joining the fight Edit

In order for one to join the fight, they must talk to Akthanakos whom will safely lead the players to Zaros' camp on the North end of the Wilderness Volcano or talk to Ux whom will safely lead players' to the godless camp in south end of the Wilderness Volcano. The entire area is safe during the event. Unlike previous events the player will have to their faction's storage chest to store their current equipment if they can't fit in their bank, and equip their factional attire.

Factional Attire Edit

During the event the player will have to wear a factional attire, the attire is a replacement for the tokens. Zaros' factional attire consists of Dark purple Armour, a dark purple cape with Zaros' emblem on it, dark purple gloves, dark purple boots, and Zaros based weapons. The godless's factional attire consists of for male players is identical to Holstein's attire, and female players' attire is identical to Kara-Meir's attire.

Each renown that the player will collect will cause their Factional Attire to evolve.

Factional Attires tiers are:

Bronze Attire -> Silver Attire -> Gold Attire -> Runite Attire - Dragon Attire.

The colour of the attire doesn't change, but the stats, strength, and attacks change instead. For example the Bronze Attire is called Bronze because the attire is bronze, but because the attire is similar to stats of Bronze armour and weaponry.

Gameplay Edit

The players can gain renown through combat, and/or skilling, but in order to support their faction they must gather an energy known as Divine Surge which will power up either Kara-Meir allowing her to shrink the sword or depower the sword to allow Zaros to destroy it. Each portal leads to an alternate version of Gielinor. Each one has one skill to offer.

Portals Edit

Purple PortalEdit

The Purple Portal leads to a Destroyed Gielinor where one must use Agility to traverse the debris of Gielinor to collect Divine Surges.

Blue PortalEdit

The Blue Portal leads to a Underwater Gielinor where one must use a Breathing Apparatus, and use Thieving to acquire Divine Surges.

Brown PortalEdit

The Brown Portal leads to a desert Gielinor where one must use water skins to survive in a desert, and use Magic to gather Divine Surges.

Green PortalEdit

The Green Portal leads to a still existing Forinthry, and players must use Farming to gather Divine Surges.

Orange PortalEdit

The Orange Portal leads to Forest Gielinor, and players must cut down the Divine trees use Woodcutting and light them using Firemaking to ignite the logs and gather Divine Surges.

White PortalEdit

The White Portal leads to an Afterlife Gielinor, and the players must use Prayer to gain Divine Surges for souls.

Combative NPCs Edit

Players can choose to either fight NPC or other players, in the case of fighting NPCs. The Godless attackable NPC races at the Volcano consists of; Humans, Goblins, Demons, Trolls, Icyene. Attackable NPC races from Alternate Gielinors aligned to the godless are Star Sprites in the Purple Portal, Goblin Sharks in the Blue Portal, Scorpions in the Brown Portal, Fayrgs in the Green Portal, Pyrefiends in the Orange Portal, and Ghosts in the White Portal. Zaros attackable NPC races at the Volcano consists of; Humans, and Zaros-aligned Demons. Attack NPC races form Alternate Gielinors aligned to the Zaros consists of; Star Sprites in the Purple Portal, Zaryte Sharks in the Blue Portal, Kalphites in the Brown Portal, Leprechauns in the green portal, Ashfiends in the Orange Portal, and Ghosts in the White Portal.