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Welcome to Glyphscape! The following pages of this guide will teach you all the rules of the game and what you can expect in the course of playing it.

Glyphscape was created by Abcxyzzzz in outrage over perceived multiple failings of the game. Therefore, while the basic gameplay is in many ways similar to that of RuneScape, it is dramatically different through and through, including overhauls of how resources and items work, how skills work, and how experience gaining works. Because of this, it was created as a separate game, with players required to create new accounts and start from scratch. Some of the immediate changes you will see when you start playing the game include:

  • A much more expansive and realistic world;
  • More customizability for your character, including all-new items;
  • All experience gain is now equalized and dependent on the time spent pursuing a skill rather than the way in which the skill is used;
  • Item production and trading resembles an actual economy, with items increasing in value as they are improved upon (value-added) rather than being dependent on how much experience can be derived from it;
  • Being true to its name, the game of Glyphscape is dominated by - you guessed it - glyphs! Glyphs are magic circles with various symbols inscribed on them that perform a variety of magic effects. The economy of Glyphscape is driven by these glyphs; almost skills use them; and magic spells are all cast using them.

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