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Players should note that this area is incredibly dangerous to anyone. If journeying here only take items you are willing to lose and it is advised to bring food.

The Giant Vampyre Woods are located south-east of the Poison Swamp and the Necropolis in an area in the far south-east of Morytania and are very dangerous to all players. The swamps are stalked by Giant vampyres who are level 230 combat. These vampyres originally lived in Meiyerditch and were considered the highest defence for Morytania should trouble arise. The vampyres were soon sent out of Meiyerditch to patrol the eastern Sanguinesti Region. Despite their high combat, they are not invincible like their Vyrewatch cousins because they have left the safety of Meiyerditch. The vampyres now have only one thing in mind: blood. The woods are one of the only areas in Morytania that are not waterlogged swampland. The music track "Deep Morytania" can be unlocked by travelling here.
Location on World Map
Poison Swamp
Poison Swamp Giant Vampyre Woods Unknown