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Genetic rune
Genetic rune
Members No
Quest item No
Tradeable Yes
Equipable No
Stackable Yes
High alch Unknown edit
Low alch Unknown edit
Destroy Drop
On death Unknown edit
Store price 120 coins
Exchange price 180 to 200 coins
Examine Used to fuse animals together
Weight 0 kg

The Genetic rune is a very mysterious rune and is probably the most unusual. It is used for the Fuse spell, which fuse animals together to make one animal, hence the name genetic rune. The only spell available can be casted by non-members and members.

To fuse two animals, you must click on it and touch the rune in your inventory. Then you must find the other animal and touch it as well. Then the animals will fuse together if compatible. Non compatible animals include completely different beasts such as sheep and spiders. However, related ones such as pigs and sheep or even cows and sheep can be fused. Players cannot be fused, either. A common rumor is that these runes can be made by combining the Body rune and Earth rune. However, this is not true.

The reason for fusing animals together is for many reasons. One reason is for the player to just be amused at the results of the combination, and the other reason is because the fused animal has both traits as the original animals. For instance, if two spiders were fused together, the new spider would have both traits and the health would be subtracted out.


Spider-Scorpion Fusion

A spider and scorpion, since both arachnids, can be fused together to form this creature.

Whe fused, their examine text is always "Combined from a [creature A] and a [creature B]", with creatures A and B being the victims of the genetic fusion. Their health, attack, and everything else related to each creature is combined by averaging out the numbers. This has lead some players into confusion, as they initially believed that combining two strong players would make a stronger health and attack. However, after averaged out, it is not what you might expect.

Some fusions are used much and are very popular among players. One of the most curious is the spider and scorpion, which, when fused, forms the "Spidorpion" (pictured). Another interesting and popular fusion is the fusion of a cow and unicorn. When fused, the combination is called the "Unicow".

Creatures resistableEdit

Although the Genetic rune and (redundantly) the Fuse spell can work on over 75 percent of the bestiary located in RuneScape, certain creatures can resist the attack. The resisting species normally are bipedal and roughly humanoid in physical appearance. These species include, but are not limited to, Goblins, Imps, and Ogres.



A (nonexistent) player fusing together an Albino bat and giant bat.

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