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Quest DetailsEdit

Start point Quest map icon Talk to Bank Manager on the second floor of the Varrock East Bank.
Member requirement F2P icon
Official difficulty Intermediate Intermediate
Description Help the National Bank of Varrock make storing money easier.
Length Short-Medium
Items required Items from the toolbelt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
  • 11,111 coins
  • 5 Rune essence
  • 12 Copper ore
  • 12 Tin ore
Enemies to defeat
  • Rune spirit (level 46)


To start the quest, the player must talk to the Bank Manager in the second floor of the Varrock East Bank. He will tell the player about how the bank is losing money because of them having millions and millions of individual tiny golden coins, and losing many of them. He will then tell the player about a "wise magician" in the area who may be able to help him. The magician the manager talks about is Aubury, the owner of the Rune Store, just behind the bank.

The player then needs to go Aubury, and ask him if he can help the bank with their problem. Aubury will notify the player that he cannot tell where anyone around can hear, so he recommends going to Mudskipper Point, then teleports.

After meeting Aubury at Mudskipper Point, the player then can ask him if he can help the bank with its problem. He will say that he can, with a theoretical rune he's been trying to create, the "Money rune". The player will then be told that they need to collect the following materials:

After collecting the needed materials, the player will then need to meet back at Mudskipper Point, talk to Aubury, and give him the materials. Aubury will then state that the player needs to meet him at the Money altar, and gives them a Money talisman. Aubury will then swiftly teleport to the altar.

Upon arriving at the altar, the player will then need to talk to Aubury. He will say that he is about to craft a Money rune, starts his attempted, but a small explosion will happen, making the player and Aubury lose 30 LP each. He will then say that more money is needed, and that the player should try ten coins, rather than one.

After re-arriving at the Money altar, Aubury will try to craft another rune. Another explosion will happen, dealing 70 damage to both Aubury and the player. The player is told this time to get 100 coins.

Once the player has returned again, Aubury will try for the third time. As guessed, another explosion will occur, dealing out 140 damage. The magician will then tell the player that 1,000 coins are needed.

Once the player has got the 1,000 coins and returned, Aubury will be found asleep. The player can wake him up by talking to him, and starting a conversation until Aubury states, "Oh yeah... We were in the middle of crafting a new rune, weren't we? Let's continue, shall we?", then starts to craft again. A fourth explosion will happen, dealing 210 damage. Aubury will then worriedly say, "Oh my. I haven't had a rune this hard to craft since I crafted my first bloods." The player will then remark, "But aren't blood runes uncraftable?". The crafter will respond with a "That's for me to know about, and you to stay up for hours on end in the night contemplating about.". The player will then be told to get a final sum of 10,000 coins.

When arriving, Aubury will warn the player that if he has less than 260 LP he may be instantaneously killed. If the player has less than 260 LP at the time, or a Constitution level of 25 or less, he will not allow the player to craft any runes. If the player does meet the right requirements, but has 350 LP or less, Aubury will strongly discourage the player from proceeding.

If the player continues the operation, Aubury will start the process. Another explosion will occur, causing 250 damage. A level 46 Rune spirit will appear, and attack the player. The Rune spirit is very inaccurate, and has a max hit of two. It has such a high combat level for it's abilities just to intimidate players.

The player, with Aubury's help, will need to kill the Rune spirit.

The player will then need to go back to the Bank Manager to tell him about the success. The Bank Manager will then give the player 1,000,000 untradeable coins and 100 untradeable and stackable Pure essence to craft into Money runes.

After crafting the money into the runes, the player will need to talk to the Bank Manager once more, telling him of the success.