This article, Fegazeill, is the creative property of Fegaxeyl.

Fegazeill is Fegaxeyl's not necessarily evil but pessimistic doppleganger. Fegazeill separated from Fegaxeyl in the 2007 Christmas event, when the latter became extremely angry with the fact that players kept "stealing" his snowmen in the Snowman Tournament. He looks almost identical to Fegaxeyl, except that he has green eyes and is planning to grow a mustache. Incidentally, "Fegazeill" is pronounced almost identically to "Fegaxeyl," although Fegazeill is pronounced "fe-GA-zaill" whereas Fegaxeyl is pronounced "Fe-ga-zail," without stressing the middle syllable and shortening the "zail" part.


Fegazeill is not evil, but an all-round pessimist, and quite greedy. He often gets angry with the smallest things, but otherwise is quite quiet. Still, he will get slightly aggressive if anyone decides to insult him or seem to insult him. Nevertheless, he is a born leader and a strategic thinker, which suits his job - manager of the Heretic Clan.


  • Christmas '07 protest
  • Haircut protest
  • Badwill festival
  • Christmasgate
  • Scroogegate
  • Glitchgate
  • Second Glitchgate
  • Fourth Server blackout riot
  • Wilderness riot