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Facemask Gang
Facemask Gang
Also called? FMG
Members only? Yes
Size 14 members
Location Elemental Workshop and building above
Requirements 40 ranged, 60 combat, 10 slayer and possession of a Facemask
Insignia A set of full D'hide with a Facemask on

The Facemask Gang is a feared and well known clan in Kandarin. The group often robs banks, general stores and stalls all over Kandarin. Admission is hard and limited. Few who try to join get in because of the pickiness of the leader.

History Edit

The Facemask Gang has been known to hold off forces of upwards of 100 troops with their 14 hand-picked members.

Since being formed in mid-167, the gang has only taken two casualties out of numerous engagements with law enforcement.

Ranks Edit

The ranks listed below are ordered from lowest to highest. In parentheses is the equivalent to the U.S. Army.

  1. Junior Bandit (Private)
  2. Bandit (Corporal)
  3. Assassin (Sergeant)
  4. Head Gang Member (Lieutenant)

Roster Edit

  • Six Junior Bandits
  • Four Bandits
  • Three Assassins
  • One Head Gang Member

Uniform Edit

All members of the Facemask Gang wear a facemask and a different set of dragonhide depending on rank. Junior Bandits wear green d'hide, Bandits wear blue d'hide, Assassins wear red d'hide, and the Head Gang Member wears black d'hide.

Appearances Edit