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Start point Quest map icon Talk to the archaeologist near the magic carpet stop at the Bedabin Camp.
Member requirement P2P icon
Official difficulty Master Master
Description Rumours have been spreading again that there is another book of spells for the high-leveled mages.
Length Medium
Items required Items from the toolbelt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
  • None
Enemies to defeat
  • Mummy (lvl 95)
  • Multiple Ghosts (lvl 100)


Talk to the archaeologist about another spellbook to start the quest. Talk to a level 2 man in Al Kharid, and ask for a spellbook. When he refuses, attack the man. Stop attacking the man halfway and talk to him again. You will receive a "Spellbook".

Read the spellbook to find that it is not a spellbook, but a message telling you to attempt to light 5 yew logs in a line in Varrock. Light 5 yew logs in a line in Varrock, wait until the fires go out, and pick up the ashes left by the fire.

Run to Al Kharid to find a level 95 Mummy is attacking the villagers. Attack the mummy using magical attacks from the Blast or Wave category. He will be immune to all other attacks, and if your Magic level is below 55. Once it is dead, use an Ancient staff on the corpse to banish it.

Pick up the book it has left and rearrange the torn parts into pages. Go to the Pyramid and use the book on the altar. Kill the level 100 ghosts that appear. The ashes will weaken the ghosts to level 95.


  • The Ancient Magicks II spellbook is unlocked.
  • An unlimited number of ancient staves can now be bought for 95,000 coins.
  • 50,000 Magic-icon experience
  • You will be paid 20 coins every time you cross the Lumbridge-Al Kharid gate for saving the people from a Mummy.
  • A piece of music called "Where's My Mummy?" will be unlocked when you next visit Al Kharid.
  • Access to "Canopicania", a new area north of the Duel Arena infested by Mummies.