Elder signs are powerful items that can be worn inside the pocket slot. All the signs only work once a day, and you can only use up to five different signs each week, resetting on Sunday. None of them work in PvP areas. Using or creating them requires 99 Divination. To create an elder sign, you need to attune an Unattuned elder sign to one of the elder gods with 1,000 elder energies. An unattuned elder sign can be rarely found by killing muspah, nihil or nightmares or by harvesting Elder energy. An attuned elder sign can rarely be harvested from a Divine simulacrum III, with the Sign of Mah being the most common and the Sign of Jas being the least common.

  • Sign of Mah (Potential) - Gives you the power to the potential of a second chance, allowing you to return to full HP on death, as well as fully restoring (and in some cases even boosting) active familiar timer and preventing taking any damage for 15 seconds.
  • Sign of Bik (Alteration) - Gives you the power to alter the material surrounding you, allowing you to transmutate resources and change any form of divine energy in another without a cost, up to a cap of 1,000 items or 12,000 energies.
  • Sign of Wen (History) - Gives you the power to change history, allowing you to return where you were when you activated the sign, with the same items you had at that time (only returns cheap items or consumables such as food and potions, repairs the degraded equipment with you to the state where they were at the time of the activation, can even be used to come out of unteleportable areas, although not in the Wilderness).
  • Sign of Ful (Constancy) - Gives you the power to remain constant on your current state, allowing you to prevent any debuffs and retain any obtained buffs for 5 minutes.
  • Sign of Jas (Progression) - Gives you the power to progress faster, allowing you to instantly collect a bag of resources (like elder logs or runite ore) or skip a skilling action (like making broad arrows), although there is a cap on some items. It can also be used to kill any monster you are damaging at that time, or go to the next phase of the battle.

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