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The E-Rifle was the first of the GDG's electric-based weaponry. It was introduced precisely a year after the Cyber Invasion of 175, and served with all units for the next three years, until it was outphased by newer designs and upgrades to previous weapons. It resembled an inch-wide barrel running about half a meter to a small trigger and a holding post, with sights on top and a "bottle" connecting to the barrel with a small tube, being held in place by metal structuring.

The E-Rifle was designed for combat against larger targets; namely dragons and demons at home on Gielinor. It had a maximum strength of 300 gigawatts/minute for 5 minutes, and a battery power of 20,000 gigawatts. It was not as efficient as it's offspring, the E-Pistol and the Flux cannon in reusing waste energy, but could still harness a healthy 45% percent of the waste heat - early prototypes could only harvest 15% at a push. This allowed it to recharge quickly and become a viable field-weapon.

The Rifle fired a beam of electricity in the form of directed lightning and was fairly accurate in the right hands, but earlier versions were prone to shaking and throwing the user's aiming off. In addition to this, it was not uncommon for the entire beam of lightning to be thrown off by an area of strong magnetism or rain. In fact, the GDG's fleet of destroyers was almost lost when one sailor accidentally fired a ray of lightning into the sea, but thankfully it ran out battery when it had been on for less than a second.

Many of those who used the weapon saw it as a beautiful menace, and treated with respect and fear. However it was eventually outclassed by newer electricity-based weapons, and the E-Rifle line was eventually retired.

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