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The E-Pistol was the offspring of the E-Rifle, the GDG's first electricity-based weapon. However, the E-Pistol was far more capable and much more powerful than it's ancestor, which lead it to become standard equipment for most troops. The E-Pistol looks like a purple teardrop with a tiny hole at the blunt end and the handle leading down from the sharp end, with the trigger attatched.

The E-Pistol was first assigned to a unit in the year 178, two years after the E-Rifle's creation. Instantly, the E-Pistol became far more popular, as not only was it compact and aesthetic, it was much steadier when it came to firing, had a greater range, more powerful settings, and most importantly was not affected by magnetic fields or rain. It surpassed the E-Rifle in all fields, and therefore was much more useful. Even the critics of the plan for electricity-based weaponry could not find fault with the E-Pistol.

Indeed, there was basically nothing to find fault with. Whereas it's predecessor could only manage 300 gigawatts for five minutes, the E-Pistol could easily cope with 17 terawatts for an astonishing twelve minutes. Of course, as it had that much power it was never used for that long except in tests.

The E-Pistol was also an extremely useful piece of field kit. It was used to light fires, and many of the GDG's troops used them to keep warm, as they radiated heat. In fact, there are several incidents were the E-Pistol was actually used to shock people back to life in emergency CPR, much like in hospitals today.

All in all, it was a brilliant weapon, and was revered for it's benign and arcane properties. As the design is always open to improvement, it is easy to foresee the E-Pistol has a long future with the GDG.

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