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The Dracomancer Saga organization
Anti-dragon shield
The Amateur Dragon Slayers
Leader "The King"
Also Known As The Slayers (Outside Misthalin)
Affiliated With Ardougne
Homeland/ Bases A base under Ardougne
Notable Members None
Garrison Around 50 members
First Peacekeepers
Last Peacekeepers

The Dragon Slayers are a split-off from H.A.M. devoted to fighting Dragons and thus the Dracomancers.

Aim Edit

The Aim of the Dragon Slayers is to rid the world of dragons. They oppose the Dracomancers in every way.

History Edit

In 156(5th), John Kengis, a powerful H.A.M. politician who was running a large campaign against dragons, was forced from his organisation. The other H.A.M. members felt he was focusing only on dragons and not on the other creatures. Nevertheless, he brought together a group of fifty soldiers and set up an organisation in a cavern, nestled in the Fremennik hills.

The Slayers have always tried to keep their work secret, but the Dracomancers have always closely monitored them. Every plan made by the Slayers has been secretly thwarted by the Dracomancers using spies. This means that the Dracomancers can manipulate the Slayers to work for them in a crisis.

In 172(5th), the Scorpozi declared war on Gielinor. The Dracomancers were the main resistance fighters, and so used their "enemies" to fight for them. The Slayers took their opportunity, and began to fight both the Scorpozi and the Dracomancers, infiltrating their base. Unluckily for them, the Dracomancer's god, Draco was able to wipe them out.

Armour Edit

The Dragon Slayers follow a four-rank system, (Trainee, Warrior, Elite then Leader.)

Trainees wear mithril armour and have anti-dragon shields. They fight in secret, and only come in when troops are in low supply. They need 5 years of training to become a Warrior. Warriors wear adamant armour and also have anti-dragon shields. After 10 years of service and training they can become an elite, or retire.

Elite soldiers wear rune armour and have twin defenders, as they are powerful enough not to need a shield. Elites can either continue fighting as long as they like or retire.

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