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Dragon Slayer Part 2 is the second part of the Dragon Slayer series and is much harder than the previous quest, after finishing the quest players may equip the ultimate Melee and Ranged body armours: the Ancient platebody and Yellow d'hide body.

Start point Quest map icon Speak to the Guildmaster, located inside the Champions' Guild.
Member requirement P2P icon
Official difficulty Grandmaster Grandmaster
Description None
Length Long
  • Completed Desert Treasure
  • 200 Quest points
  • Capable of defeating the level 350 dragon (Skeletal Elvarg) that can drain prayer and uses long-range and short-range firebreath.
  • Capable of defeating a Yellow dragon (level 265)
  • 70 Agility-icon Agility to get passed the agility course under Champions' Guild


  • Very high combat level (at least 110)
Items required Items from the toolbelt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
Enemies to defeat


Talk to Oziach in the north-west corner of Edgeville. He will tell you that Elvarg's head has been stolen. He then tells you to go to the Guildmaster to see if he knows anything about it. Make your way to the Champions guild and enter. Inside you'll see the Guildmaster so talk to him. he will tell you that he saw some monks covered in purple robes carrying a mysterious bag and that maybe they have something to do with it. Ask if you can help and he will test to see if you are strong enough for the challenge.

You will be transported into an empty room and the Guildmaster will rush in to attack you. he will be quit easy to kill since his only level 10, but then he comes back for you this time as a level 30. After you kill him he will come back yet again even stronger as a level 60. Kill him one more time and he will become a level 100. Once you kill him he will give up and say you are worthy of the challenge. And afterwards will give a key to open the trapdoor in the back of champions guild.

Note: Dying to the Guildmaster will not result in losing your items.

Champguild dungeon

Obtaining the first key halfEdit

Items needed: One click teleport, food and low weight armour

Climb under the trapdoor in the back of Champions' Guild and you'll arrive in an agility course:

Agility course

Make your way along the agility course until you reach the end. In the southwest corner you'll find a chest next to a skeleton and by one of the walls there is a mysterious locked door. Open the chest and you'll find Stone key loop and Dragon bones, but these bones cannot be buried. After opening the chest the dungeon starts to shake and your player will loose 200 hp every 5 seconds so quickly teleport out. (if you lose any of the items from the chest then you can reclaim them by going through the agility course again and opening the chest).

Reporting BackEdit

Go back to the Guildmaster and show him the Stone key loop and he will tell you that this key may be needed later on. Then show him the dragon bones and he will tell you that the bones belong to a powerful Yellow dragon, a type of dragon which has been extinct for many years. He then tells you to go back to Oziach and tell him what you have learned.

The plot is revealedEdit

Items needed: Varrock teleport, 3x Beer, Enchanted water tiara would be very helpful

As you enter Oziachs house a cutscene appears, which shows 3 mysterious monks fighting Oziach. Oziach easily defeats them and forces them to tell him who they are but then your player walks into the room and Oziach is distracted and the monks teleport away.

After the cutscene ends talk to Oziach and ask him whats just happened, he will tell you that he has no idea himself and that he was ambushed in his house. Got to the corner of the room and there should be a Zaros sigil on the ground. Pick it up and show it to Oziach, he will tell you that it looks like the sigil that Eblis wears as a necklace and he then tells you that maybe Eblis knows who the monks were.

Make your way to the Kharidian Desert just above the pyramid where Eblis is. Before talking to him make sure you have more that 300 hp. Show him the sigil and you will inform Eblis of what had happen in Oziach's house and then ask him if he knows who the monks were, only for him to refuse to answer. Use the beer on him and as he drinks it he starts to feel dizzy but he still won't answer your questions. Use another beer on him and he will feel a lot more dizzier but still refuses to answer to your questions. After giving him your third beer he will answer the question you ask him. After talking to him you discover that the monks were sent by Yuri (Eblis's father) to steal Elvarg's head and use it to revive her. When you ask him why his father wants to revive Elvarg he tells you that Elvargs has the power to control the ancient Yellow dragons and with that power he can take over the whole of the Kharidian Desert. You then ask him why the monks had ambushed Oziach and he tells you that Oziach who knows how to stop the revived Elvarg.

After you finish talking to Eblis an ice Barrage is casted onto both you and Eblis dealing up to 300 damage. You survive the cast but Eblis dies and his last words are "Why, father?"

The Only way to stop ElvargEdit

Teleport to Varrock and go back to Oziach and tell him what you have learned. He will tell you that you have to stop Yuri before he destroys the whole of the Kharidian Desert. He then tells you that if Elvarg is revived then she will be immortal and undefeatable and the only way to stop her is by enchanting the five dragonhides (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and Black) and using the enchanted dragonhides on her to slowly take away her immortality. You then ask Oziach how to enchant the dragonhides but he doesn't know and tells you that you'll have to discover it for yourself.

Enchanting the DragonhidesEdit

Items needed: a Black dragonhide, a Blue dragonhide, a Green dragonhide, a Red dragonhide, Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Diamond and the Stone key loop

Make your way to Al-Kharid and talk to Ellis who is located in the room just above the furnace. Ask him how you would enchant The dragonhides and he will tell you that he would enchant the dragonhides for you, but he will need a gem for each of the dragonhides. The following gems needed for each dragonhide are:

  • Sapphire - Green dragonhide
  • Emerald - Blue dragonhide
  • Ruby - Red dragonhide
  • Diamond - Black dragonhide
  • Dragonstone - Yellow dragonhide

Talk to him again and he will enchant the four dragonhides you have and will then ask for your yellow dragonhide, after telling him you were unable to obtain it he gives you a Stone key tooth and tell you that the only way to obtain a Yellow dragonhide is by killing a Yellow dragon which is located in Champions' Guild Dungeon which is below the Champions' Guild. Combine your Stone key tooth with your Stone key loop to make a Stone key.

Killing a yellow dragonEdit

Items needed: Protection against dragonfire, Food (monkfish or above), Strong armour, a Teleport tab, The key to the trapdoor, Dragonstone(cut)

Carmadon dungeon

A map of Champions' Guild Dungeon

Make your way back to the trapdoor outside the champions guild and enter it. Go through the agility course as you did before but when you reach the chest don't open it or the whole room will shake as before. Use your Stone key on the locked door to open it and you'll find yourself in Champions' Guild Dungeon. Beware this place is covered with yellow dragons and it is strongly advised that players entering the dungeon should have a protection from dragonfire.

Once inside the dungeon attack the first yellow dragon you see. A good method of killing the yellow dragon would be to use a stab weapon or range, since it is weak to either. After killing it you should get a yellow dragonhide as a drop, pick up the dragonhide and quickly teleport out. Afterwards make your way back to Ellis in Al Kharid with the dragonstone in your inventory and give the yellow dragonhide to him so he can enchant it.

Stoping the madman YuriEdit

Items needed: Loads of food (enough to defeat a level 350 boss and a level 300 Npc), A beast of burden would help stock more food, teleport tab, armour strong against magical attacks (dragonhide armour), The enchanted dragonhides, Antipoisons (recommended), Prayer potions (recommended)

With the dragonhides in your inventory, go back to Champions' Guild Dungeon and this time run past all the yellow dragons until you come to an area with two different routes. take the route to the left and you should see a controls system. After walking up to the controls system a Cutscene appears showing Yuri reviving Elvarg using his ancient magicks. After the cutscene is over use your enchanted dragonhides on the control system and Elvarg to be revived as a skeleton, when Yuri realizes what has happened he is furious and demands the Skeletal Elvarg to attack you. When you are ready walk into the room with the Skeletal Elvarg and Yuri and you will be attacked immediately by the Skeletal Elvarg. Whilst trying to kill Elvarg, Yuri will star to randomly use his Ancient Magicks on you which could deal up to 300 damage, so the Protect from Magic prayer would really help to reduce the damage of his attacks. Elvarg is able to poison you dealing 100 damage so antipoisons would also be recommended. After killing the Skeletal Elvarg, Elvarg's head should drop on the ground along with 15 dragon bones (noted). After Elvarg is dead, Yuri will rush in to attack you. He is easier to kill than the skeletal Elvarg, but by not wearing the right armour and not using the protect from magic prayer, he would be dealing a lot of heavy damage. Also using range is very helpful as Yuri is weak against range and has the ability to stop players from moving so melee would be useless. After kiling Yuri pick up Elvarg's head and teleport out of the dungeon (if you forget to pick up Elvarg's head, then you'll have to go back to collect it).

Finally, the endingEdit

With Elvarg's head in your inventory, go back to Oziach and give him the head and he will reward you. He will give you a piece from the yellow dragonhide armour set and there is a 1/5 chance that he will give you an Ancient platebody.


Dragon slayer 2 scroll


Music tracks unlocked:

  • Attack 3
  • Champions' Underground
  • Deadly

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