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The Dracomancer Saga organization
Dracomancers (The Order of Draconic Mages)
Leader "The King"
Also Known As Dragon Men, Weirdos
Affiliated With Misthalin, Draco
Homeland/ Bases An underwater base in Port Khazard, several other small bases around Gielinor and one on Lunica
Notable Members John Dixon, Albus Malfoy
Garrison Around 200 members
First RuneScape - Peacekeepers
Last RuneScape - Souls of the Damned

The Dracomancers are a peace-keeping organisation that are the sole worshippers of the Dragon God Draco. They, due to the nature of their activities, prefer to remain hidden from public.

Aims Edit

The motto of the Dracomancer organisation is Ut servo Extraho Rex rgis (To serve the Dragon King). While they started out simply worshiping their dragon god, Draco, their activities have recently turned towards peacekeeping.

Followers of Draco believe that upon death they shall be lifted to the Draconic Plane, upon which Draco will judge them and either curse them to eternal hell or bless them with true death. They believe that there is no purpose to life; they live only to serve Him. They worship Draco through the Dragons, who they believe were designed in His image and thus perfect.

Their holy book is the Draconis Fortis, all written in Latin.

Origins Edit

Before the formation of the Dracomancers, worship of Dragons was widely frowned upon and thought to be a symptom of insanity or delusion.

The Order of Draconic Mages was formed in the Fourth Age when Draco appeared in the dream of a Guthixian priest, who then set up the organisation using members of his clan. They started operating out of a small hut near Taverley, but soon the rise in members led them to specially construct an under-sea base in Port Khazard.

Upon classification by Misthalin as a semi-prominent religion, the reaction by Saradominism and Guthixianism led to the need for an army system to defend the main base if any crusade action was taken. Several attempts were made to train an army in the base itself, but after several unfortunate incidents it was moved to several caverns under major cities. Now everyone in the religion is given combat training.

In the 3rd Century (5 th), the reactions from Saradominism in particular towards the religion led to several protests in Ardougne and Port Khazard, calling to prevent the religion from spreading. These brought the Dracomancers closer to the public eye, and for the first time Draconic priests came out in public to discuss their beliefs.

The Dracomancer were heavily involved in the Battle of Misthalin (RuneScape - Peacekeepers), in which they were a main participant. At first a battle against The Order of Angry Monsters to liberate Varrock, it soon turned into a blood-bath when the Scorpozi, violent aliens, were revealed to be the true villains. A massive battle began between all of the Dracomancer troops and the Scorpozi, as well as many Dragons.

Some time after the battle, John Dixon froze Falador in time. (RuneScape - Staff of Power). He was subsequently sent on a trip to find a legendary staff to free it. After a journey, the Peacekeepers made an appearance and unfroze Falador with the Staff.

Ranks Edit

  1. King
  2. Elite
  3. Advisor
  4. Sergeant
  5. Lietenant
  6. Lietenant's Assistant
  7. Group Sergeant
  8. Group Lietenant
  9. Corporal
  10. Soldier
  11. Guards/Trainee

Requirements Edit

All members are required to pass several tests by taming certain creatures and feeding etc. They are all needed to be competent fighters, especially the king, who leads troops into battle. They all have some kind of Dragonfire shield and use some degree of magic (Hence the name Draconic Mages).

Armour and Weapons Edit

Guard These level 49 warriors wear lesser versions of Dragon armour such as the med helm and the chainmail. They are found flanking the entrances to all Dracomancer fortresses and have dragon scimitars. After 5 years of training, guards become soldiers and can choose their class. These make up the majority of soldiers

Warriors Dracomancer warriors wear full dragon armour. They usually have red capes, Dragon longswords and are level 90. The Warrior class is the main class in the army, and is usually given a large priority over the other classes, and because all Guards are melee, most of them continue with that class to save any trouble with re-training.

Mages Mages wear full Red and black mage robes and have lava battlestaves. Magic is the second-most important class in the order, and is used in most religious ceremonies. Skilled Magicians are valued highly in the order, especially in the higher levels.

Archers Rangers wear full Black Dragonhide, snakeskin cowl and boots, and have dark bows with dragon arrows tipped with enchanted dragonstone. They ride Baby dragons into battle, mainly because the art of archery is a much neglected skill. High priests claim that the Draconic Scriptures forbid the use of fletching, so all bows used are usually of the Dark variety.

Ugaki The Ugaki are members of the order that have gone insane and/or have severely broken laws/rules. Their personalities are suppressed, their abilities dampened. This treatment is the cause of great moral debate among members. They are kept as vital weapons underneath the stronghold, and wear red halloween masks and Dragon claws. They also wear draconic visages around their necks to prevent them from using magic.

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