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The Dracomancer Saga character
Birth None specific, around 50BA
Death A god, can't die.
Profession God
Affiliation Dracomancers
First Peacekeepers
Last Souls of the Damned
Emperor dragon

A picture of Draco's "Emperor Dragon" form.

Draco is the almighty God of Dragons, who appeared around the Second Age. He is followed by the Dracomancers.

History Edit

Draco erupted from the gases of The Draconic Plane in the early 1st age. His first acts were to mould the Dragonkin, his prototype creations. They were in-perfect, but his children nonetheless. Draco cared not for the other gods, not for good or evil, but the welfare of his children.

When the Dragonkin spilled out onto the land known as RuneScape, the Human warriors saw an opportunity. Seeing these dragons as un-intelligent savages, they fought them through the portal, and almost destroyed the Monastery of Draco. Draco took his revenge on Humankind by setting aside a group of his creations as savage as the Humans had wrongly stated, ones that would be able to destroy the human empires if Draco demanded them to.

The Dragon invasion never came, due to Guthix, just before falling into his great sleep, placing Draco into a coma. It did this because it saw him as a threat to balance. Ages passed, and the Dragons that Draco had created to wipe out the human race were placed under the control of the god Zamorak. Draco was forgotten, his name fading into Human legend.

Draco awoke in the late fourth age, and saw what his children had become, creature locked in dungeons and patrols upon the bare ground of the Wilderness. He was angry at this, and returned to the Draconic Plane to create the three layers, as well as sculpting the Dragonkin Supremes. He sent down a message in the dream of a Druid, who formed the Dracomancers using his clan. The Dracomancers became a peace-keeping force, keeping the world in harmony.

In 169(5th), the Dracomancers underwent an experiment on a Dragon Impling. Seeing this as a prime opportunity, he sent his soul down to Gielinor in the form of the Emperor Dragon (the fabled "Dragon Metal Dragon") and thanked his subjects for their work.

When the Scorpozi invaded Gielinor in 172(5th), a full army of Dracomancers marched to Varrock, waging war on the Scorpozi. When the battle began to turn against the Dracomancers, and when the Scorpozi infiltrated the Dracomancer Base, Draco (as the Emperor Dragon) came as their savior and revived an army of un-dead mages. Then he led them into battle, Using his Dragon form to fight the Scorpozis Prime and sealing the Scorpozi's rift in time. He could do no more, so travelled back to the Draconic Plane.

When John Dixon traveled towards the Staff of Power, he attempted to defend the Staff by both moving it and awaking his evil brother, Dargenath, the true holder of the Staff. In the years after these events, Draco foresaw Angeror's treachery and his attempted invasion of Gielinor. The first thing he did was to resurrect Albus Malfoy, an old Group Sergent, and to bring John and the Clone Drone Prototype together. After that, he met with John personally and gave him the Tele-Pebble, an instantaneous teleport device.

Draco Dormeins Nunquam Titillandus!

Abilities Edit

Being a God, Draco has the power to resurrect the dead, create fresh life, scult land-scapes and form mass fire-balls. He can also morph between a dragon and a humanoid form, usually used to disguise himself on Gielinor. He is an excellent sword-fighter, and will usually fight until mortally wounded.

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Dragon rune

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