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Morytania species
Appearance/Type Gigantic Arachnid
AKA "Terrible Scorpion"
Affiliation The Shadow
Place of Origin Gielinor
Patron God None
Notable Individuals Deinoscorpio (only one identified)
First Welcome to Morytania
Last Ongoing

Deinoscorpio was a massive monster found in Morytania.


The Deinoscorpio are the first sentient species to evolve in Gielinor. Why there is only one left is unknown.

It was first discovered by the first Vampyres who came to Morytania. It killed most of them, so Drakan decided to build Sanguinesti well away from the creature. (Morytania: The Drakan Effect)

The Shadow appeared and "duped" the Deinoscorpio into working for it. It was told to spy on the villagers.

The Deinoscorpio was unsuccessful in getting the Necrosis book, but The Shadow still has other plans for the Deinoscorpio. (Morytania: Operation Necrosis)

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Deinoscorpio is a massive scorpion, but with extra features. It has three stinger tails, 4 claws and 3 sets of jaws. It has a surprisingly large brain.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Its stings and bites are poisonous and can kill in a few minutes. It can also run up to high speeds, and is perfectly adaptive to living in the swamps. It is blind, but can pick up the slightest vibrations and sounds. It is carnivorous. It is also a burrower. It is also capable of limited speech patterns.


  • Deinoscorpio is latin for "Terrible scorpion".

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