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The Dracomancer Saga character
Dargenath II
Birth None specific, around 300 (3rd)
Death A god can't die
Profession God
Affiliation Dracomancers
First Staff of Power
Last Revenge of the Alone Ones

The Dargenath (pronounced Dar-jen-ath) is a demigod, and the Devil in the Dracomancers religion. He is Draco's brother. He wields the dragonstone spear (in reality the Spear of Life), and a Sword.

History Edit

When Draco was knocked unconscious by Guthix at the beginning of the Second Age, Guthix lay his body under the earth in a mystical cavern which time did not affect. Every breath Draco made out (which was obviously a flame) flew high to the ceiling and then was absorbed into the cavern walls. Near the end of the Third Age, or the God Wars as it is known, this energy clumped together and formed Dargenath.

This first creature was confused, and wanted to escape the cavern. Somehow, he managed to escape the cavern's time-locking field, and escaped to the surface, where he tortured the human race. Becoming stronger, more skilled and now intent on leaving this world altogether. He decided to test himself and thus he flew into outer space.

His adventures in space have not been documented, but it is known that Atlas himself gave Dargenath the responsibility of holding the Staff of Power. After seeking Titania, he was dragged down with her and sealed within Mt. Titania.

When Draco awoke and first heard of his brother, he rushed to Mt. Titania and set him free. Dargenath, however, hated his brother due to a mix of rivalry and envy. They fought, and Draco sealed him once again inside the mountain. His last words before doing so were, "Consider my offer. We are the same in spirit and the same in purpose. Think."

Dargenath decided it would be best if he slumbered. And so, for hundreds of years, Dargenath lay hidden under a cursed mountain, later inhabited by the Mayaki. The Goblins, in their search for power, accidentally awakened him, but they managed to use his Staff to trap him once more.

In 172(5th), John Dixon had an unfortunate accident in which he froze Falador in Time. Seeking help, he attempted, along with his two friends, to retrieve the Staff. Beknownst to him, however, several aliens wished to take the staff as well. When the Hydraxites and Karazahns were awoken, and the Mountain split in two, Dargenath awoke, his purpose he could see. He knew that he must take the staff and defend the Dracomancers.

The Staff, now used by the aliens, fell down into Dargenath's hands. He was able to temporarily absorb it's power and then escaped his cavern, heading towards the aliens using his dragon form. Unfortunately, a trap left by the Dracomancers forced Dargenath to revert back, and reversed time to a certain point. Draco, feeling sorry for his brother, took his body and hid the staff once again.

Draco eventually made up with Dargenath and allowed him to work with him on The Draconic Plane. Dargenath was able to learn from his mistakes, and helped Draco to prepare John Dixon to make his sacrifice, including giving him the Tele-Pebble.

Dargenath spoke with The Assassin in 183 (5th) and told him the location of the Spear of Life. He also warned The Assassin that Death may betray him, a prediction that turned out to be correct.

Abilities Edit

Dargenath is a talented Mage, an excellent swordfighter and a skilled Gnomeballer. He is also able to quickly work out an enemy's weaknesses and use them against him/her. He can also create shields that vapourise most weapons and that can also be thrown.

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