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{{{series}}} organization
Leader Cyber-Lord
Also Known As Cybermen
Affiliated With Angeror, Hydraxites
Homeland/ Bases Gielinor (temp.)
Notable Members None
Garrison 50

The Cyber Advance Guard were an advance squad of Cybermen.


They were aboard the Hydraxite ship during the year 172 of the Fifth Age. The Guard were left on the planet, in case the peace treaty were broken. (RP: Regicide)

The Cyber Invasion (175)Edit

Year 186 Edit

Notable MembersEdit

The leader is the Cyber-Lord. There is little difference to the Cyber-Lord and other Cybermen, only he is high in rank and has black handlebars, like the Cyber-Leader.

The Cyber-Lord lead the Cyber squadron to create a Cyber-Empire on Gielinor, and succeeded. They made the very first Cyber-Tank, and attacked Varrock, destroying it. They were saved from extinction by Angeror, but none of the Advance Guard lived (as the Wise old man reversed the spell and killed them all).

The emotion inhibitors were deactivated, and the Cyber-Lord gained emotions before he died, his last words being vulgar language.

He returns as an undead Cyberman, when the contents of the Eternal Void is poured onto Gielinor.

Species Cyberman
Level Unknown
Born? Unknown
Died? 175
Affiliation? Cyber Advance Guard, Angeror
God? Unknown
Rank? Leader
Series None
Appearances Regicide, Souls of the Damned