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{{{series}}} organization
Creed mask
Leader "The Assassin"
Also Known As The Creed
Affiliated With Possibly Angeror
Homeland/ Bases Tunnels of Chaos, Varrock
Notable Members "The Legend"
Garrison 50

The Creed of Assassins are an extremely secretive clan of high ranking professional assassins, or bounty hunters. Only other gangs and high ranking RuneScapians know of their existence, and usually pay them for services.


  • Leader
  • General
  • Assassin
  • Berserker
  • Bandit
  • Guard


  • "The Assassin" (leader)
  • "The Reaper" (second in command)
  • "The Gunna" (general)
  • "The Bomba" (general)
  • "The Legend" (assassin)
  • "The Flamer" (berserker)
  • "The Engima" (guard)
  • "The Hunter" (assassin)
  • "The Sniper" (assassin)
  • "The Mage" (assassin)
  • "The Nightmare" (berserker)
  • "The Terra" (berserker)
  • "The Brains" (bandit)
  • "The Slayer" (berserker)
  • "The BlizzardSwag420" (sekrit leader)
  • "The Beasty Boy" (berserker)


The Great Bank Robbery (172)Edit