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According to Immortal legend, the Creators of the Universe were three beings who formed everything that currently exists. They made The Objects of Power and set down The Ancient Laws. While evidence of their existence was plentiful on the Immortal homeworld, they didn't get the chance to come up with any other theories due to their extinction.

Creation Edit

While The Immortals believed that The Creators were made during The Great Explosion, certain radicalist thinkers believed that in the Before there were creatures of lesser ability that over time created The Creators, and that somehow the old knowledge had been forgotten and the world begun anew. One such thinker was legendary Immortal politician, Martine Vincent Picasso, who believed that they were directly tied to the Immortal legend of a planet named Earth.

Members Edit

These excerpts come from the Immortal philosopher Danielle Locke.

Atlas Edit


"The most powerful of the three, the being known as Atlas was believed by The Immortals formed in the Great Explosion. It spawned the other two creators from two of his limbs. It created (and is still creating) most of the Universe. Legends say that it gave the Immortals and other long-living species their immortality. It granted the gift of gender, represented in Titainia and Jupitus. The scar on his face was given to him by Jupitus in an argument."

Titania Edit


"'She who walks in the stars', Titania is the largest of the three beings, an entire galaxy, spawned from Atlas's ninth arm. She is said to have screamed so loud upon her birth that she wiped out half of Atlas's creations. It then took away her power of speech. She created a third of the universe we know today. In 100BA, she battled with Jupitus and regained the power of speech, deafening him and causing the surrounding galaxies to collapse in on her. She was crushed, and fell to a planet of Atlas's choosing - Gielinor. She can be seen to this day within Mt. Titania, where she exists in the form of a surge of energy - 'The Core'."

Jupitus Edit


"Jupitus is the wisest of the three, a human-sized insect with a giant brain. If you pardon the pun, he is rather big-headed, boasting his intelligence. However, this does not mean he does not use this intelligence to it's full potential. He is known to have outwitted many of his foes using pure psychology. He possesses psycic and telepathic skills. The only real time he has used violence was when he slashed Atlas across the face, after which he swore never to use physical battling again. He travels around with a ball of energy, that feeds him."

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