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Cookie Monster
Species One of a kind.
Level Unknown
Born? Unknown
Died? Unknown
Affiliation? Order of Angry Monsters
God? Unknown
Rank? Leader
Series None
Appearances RP: Peacekeepers

The Cookie Monster was a comical, cookie-craving, mental drug-addict that lead the Order of Angry Monsters and tried to destroy world peace. His first act was to flatten Rimmington with two giant cookies, then to turn Yanille into cookie dough. He then nearly assassinated King Roald, but turned his castle into cookie dough.

When the Scorpozi took over, the Cookie Monster turned into a coward and ran away as Gielinor was being attacked. After the crisis was over, the Cookie Monster hid away from the world, but stood on for nearly 20 years, watching more invasions and horrible events. He may return some day. (RP: Peacekeepers)

Behind the ScenesEdit

The role play Peacekeepers was intended to be a comedy, but the plot got serious when the Scorpozi appeared. For full comedic effect the Cookie monster was introduced as the prime villain (for the first half of the story).