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Clone Drones
Appearance/Type Robotic, Life-based
AKA Standard Soldiers
Affiliation Zamorak, The Zamorakian Technological Institute
Place of Origin ZTI Island
Patron God Zamorak
Notable Individuals None, all identical.
First Regicide
Last Voyage Into Apocalypse


A picture of the V1 models.

The clone drones are a race created by the Zamorakian Technological Institution. They were created using elemental energy and metals as a continually re-producing army. However, they revolted, and almost destroyed the ZTI's entire operation. These Clone Drone "V1" were destroyed by Prototype when he opened his power circuits and sent an EMP wave across Gielinor, destroying the AI. Recent rumours have revealed that the ZTI may be working on a Clone Drone V2, with higher "loyalty" and power.

Components Edit

V1 Edit

The V1 body armour was made by enchanting rune armour, the inside being made of clockwork mechanisms. The joints were wooden, and most of the belts, weapon straps and joint coverings were made of leather. The mind mechanism was used by infusing an imp's brain inside a wire shell. This worked initially, the ZTI's knowledge of biology helping to tame the imps. The rebellion came when the imps took control and started destroying the base.

V2 Edit


A picture of an air-based V2 model.

The V2 design, while superior, was controversial. The plating was now elemental metal, and so responded more positively to enchantment. The enchantment was also done twice. The mechanism, while still including clockwork, now used an amount of steam-based workings. The weapon is now a rifle and a dagger, in comparison to the single sword used by the V1's. The brain used is that of a sheep, with the brain cage now containing a primitive computer system. The drone's elemental powers are now channeled through a tube in the hand.

Ranks Edit

With the massive amounts of Clone Drones being produced by the ZTI, they were categorized into groups known as Segments. These segments were separated into three groups of Functions. There were two main types of Drone - An Elemental Drone and an Advanced Drone. The Advanced drones were stronger, more agile, and could control all of the Elements.

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Roleplays Edit

Note: These appearances do not include those of Prototype, for he is unique.


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